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How to choose the extractor hood for your kitchen

An extractor hood can not miss in your home and in this complete guide we tell you why you can not miss one in your kitchen. They are the best choice!There are so many good WaterMelon Slicer available online too.

What is the indicated size of the extractor hood?

It is recommended that the extractor hood you choose for your kitchen, at least, have the same width as the stove but if the size of the hood is larger, it will be much better since this will improve the absorption capacity. If the stove measures 60 cm wide, then the hood should measure between 70 to 90 cm.

On the other hand, it is important to calculate the power of the bell, this can be done by multiplying the meters² of your kitchen by height, finally this result multiply by 12.

That is to say that if your kitchen is 12 m² and 3 m high then you need a hood that has a power of 423 m3 / h.

Carbon filter or recirculation hoods

These bells have no evacuation tube, they inhale the smoke and the gases passing through a filter that purifies the air. In their installation, they do not need to install a pipe or drill the faced, which makes it easier to install.There are also slicer Reviews available on many products now.