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How to Make Higher Keyword Ranking SEO Reports

How to create filtered keyword ranking reports pulling data straight from Google webmaster tools using, keyword planner reporting platform . Let’s get started so first before we even make the report .We need to make the right filters so we’re going to go to Mexico for the left-hand navigation menu and select Google” webmaster tools or select rankings once rankings, has loaded scroll down next to keywords that little box next to the search box that’s for creating filters .It’s a little box like to create a new filter at the top this “is where you have all sorts of options for how you like to create and maintain your filters. If you organize your keywords and Raven by tag you can only, choose to pull in certain tags so you can choose the tags, filter and you can select whatever, times you would like to make a filter from :for example let’s say you have your keywords that Target blog posts categorized.
You can select only block tags over here on the right hand side, it’s safe now your filter settings determine “who has access to the filter if you have multiple profiles on your Avon account profile only filter keep, silver from being available .Anywhere except to your specific profile private filter means is only available to us Pacific login Global filter needs is available across all of your profiles .Accounts most of our profiles are specific On Page SEO Course to a client so we still like the profile only filter this profile however it’s helpful to have available, because it’s a generic name. It’s just a blonde tag most ,of our clients have a Blog .we’re going to select the global feel better because then we can pull” in blog tag keywords across any of our reports color-block safe filter now that filter is saved .
Let’s go for that filter into a keyword ranking report . Next for the left-hand navigation menu go to reports within reports select report, Builder he’d like to add it to an existing report . The report you want to add it to that’s what we’re going to do today or you can do a new report in the top right-hand corner once. You’re in the report go to the section, that you’d like to modify or add widget to with the rankings or get out at 2 like you were drinking section of our report. then go to add right here ,we’re going to add a new widget select the rankings option” right here from rankings in the top right corner .
Llike to create custom widget and the metrics that you can, choose from those parts important you have to choose DWT .Ranking got the one that has the- option to use a filter Throwdown selected a day .You’d like to display trust emo we like to choose sorting by either average position, or the number of clicks depending on what they ,were trying to show the traffic driving keywords or the top ranking keywords so let’s do this one by top-ranked .
We’ll sort by average position starting at the highest going ,to the lowest so easy we like to show the top 50 at least keywords 10 doesn’t really give us much filters. This is a magic section here within folders, select the brand new filter that you made . we’re going to select blog this is the only option you have to make sure that your widget is identifiable tougher than the rest it doesn’t say block filter “use otherwise in the widget.