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Computer and Mac virus removal Network

Training graduate technician to provide the knowledge and skills to serve as Technical Computer Repair and Networking. You will learn how to assemble, install, configure and maintain computers, peripherals and network equipment, manage Windows and DOS operating systems, diagnose and repair software and / or hardware problems, make backups ( “Back up”) on tapes and recover lost files, manage antivirus programs, remove unwanted file systems, maintain maintenance records, equipment inventories and authorization licenses, as well as support staff in the use of networks and peripherals And make recommendations for equipment, programs and improvements to a company’s system. We will also help you inĀ mac virus removal etc.


Recognition and Function of Computer Components

Assembly, installation and configuration of computers

Operating Windows and DOS operating systems

Handling of software and fault-finding software (“software”)

Diagnosis and repair of computer hardware

Configure and Install Operating Systems and Peripherals

Apply antivirus programs as a security measure

Diagnosis and repair of peripherals

Installation, maintenance and repair of network systems, wired and / or wireless

Back up on tapes and / or disks

Provide technical support to staff