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Valentine in limousine

One of the most important dates of the year for all lovers, on February 14, and from Limousines Capital, a leading Corporate Car Hire Melbourne , we want to present you a romantic plan on Valentine’s Day so that you can surprise your partners And enjoy a romantic night in Melbourne that you will never forget. During the wonderful evening, you will enjoy a limousine ride in Melbourne , accompanied by a romantic dinner in Melbourne for two in an elegant restaurant in Melbourne . Do not hesitate, surprise your partner and we will take you to celebrate the best romantic Valentine in Melbourne .

With our special Valentine’s Day offer, we propose an unbeatable plan that will include:


A limousine tour around Melbourne, Being able to enjoy during the walk of a bottle of cava, gift of the house, while touring the main monuments of Melbourne. One of our chauffeurs will pick you up at the point you indicate to start this unforgettable evening full of romance and good taste.

A romantic dinner in the restaurant an example of romanticism and elegante located in the heart of Melbourne. where you will be waiting to offer you its exquisitez menu, where you can taste its delicate cuisine, The traditional Spanish cuisine with innovative touches, and that will delight your palates.


If all this seems to you little, in addition to the bottle of cava, we will give you a box of chocolates and a photo shoot that will allow you to immortalize this magnificent night.

The price of our Valentine’s offer for two people, including the limousine ride in Melbourne, the romantic dinner, the bottle of cava, the box of chocolates and the photo shoot. But if you want to surprise your partner even more, we propose a series of extras that will undoubtedly make the night one of the best in your lives. For example, we propose the option to give your partner a bouquet of red roses or anything you can think of, which will be in the limousine when you pick them up, next to the bottle and the box of chocolates.

Valentine in limousine

Finally, another option of our offer is to exchange plans and start with the romantic dinner in the restaurant for later, make the tour by limousine tour in Melbourne. With this option, you will have the opportunity to put the icing on the night, ending your evening in a different way. From Capital we offer you several options, such as hire a private spa with massage, reserve a space in a club in Melbourne where you can have a last drink, and even rent a hotel room. Do not hesitate to consult the exclusive prices that we offer you to complete a magical night.

Valentine in limousine

Do not miss out on the opportunity to celebrate Valentine ‘s Day in Melbourne like never before, with an exclusive ride aboard one of our luxury limousines of your choice and with a romantic dinner in an elegant restaurant in Melbourne .


Luxury Wedding Limousines

We will ensure transportation for VIP customers in the following luxury limousines. Special wishes: We ensure car decoration (eg flowers or party decoration). Cold drinks like champagne, etc. Colors: Most of our limos are black or white.
Luxury Wedding Limousines
20% Discount on the Return Transfer
Book a Hummer or Lincoln stretch limousine from the airport and get a 20% discount on your return transfer to the airport in regular vehicle (sedan / minibus / bus). To access this promotion you will need to write a note / comment that says “Limo 20% return transport discount” when making your reservation. Reservations must be paid at least 24 hours before your scheduled pick up time or tour date. Standard cancellation policies apply.
Mostly the limousines we offer in black and white. At the time of booking, do not forget to specify the color you prefer.

Luxury Wedding Limousines

Any wish that can make you more enjoyable the trip from the airport or the tour of Prague, we will do our best to comply. In the limo bar you will have your favorite drink. The limousine is decorated as you want – balloons, flowers, etc. Are you going to a party? Surprise your friends – in the limousine we prepare a striper .
What is the difference between Limo Hire Melbourne Airport and 1 hour rental? The prices not seem to be almost the same. Can we will do concession before going to our hotel?

The price of the airport transfer is very similar to the hourly rental rate. This is because our minimum rental time is one hour, and all airport transfers last less than an hour. But even if the transfer from the airport lasts less than a rental of 1 hour, in the case of airport transfer the driver must wait for them to cross the customs and immigration posts and collect their luggage, so we do not know exactly How long will you have to wait. For these reasons, In most cases the driver of the airport transfer service spends much more time waiting than in the case of a normal rental of one hour.However, in most cases there will be no problem if you want to take a small tour around the city center before going to the hotel from the airport. However, you will need to notify us in advance when you make your reservation, otherwise the driver will take you directly to the hotel.

London Honeymoon Spree Easy London Guide

If there is a must-see tourist destination in the United Kingdom, that should be London. Being the center of business and commerce in the UK, London offers the best of its sceneries, not to mention vibrant shopping arcades and fabulous honeymoon spots.

As newly-weds who would want to spend some time in London, the first thing you have to do is to find a nice hotel for your honeymoon. London is actually filled with a number of hotels that range from low-end to luxurious class. It is not difficult to find a nice hotel in the city because all these can be searched over the internet. You can have a relaxed and hassle-free honeymoon trip to London as soon as you are able to complete a booking before your entry. Take note that there are many honeymoon packages to choose from before you make a booking.

Honeymoon in London

Some of the most recommended hotels in London that are fitting for your honeymoon are the following: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Baglioni Hotel, Chewton Glen Hotel, The Beaufort and The Westbury. These hotels offer utmost privacy and comfort to every couple. They also feature cozy dining facilities, special rooms, couple spa massages and sumptuous meals. Spending time in your hotel alone is already a relaxing experience. Hotel accommodation packages come in comfortable rates that are truly worth the stay.

If you search further on the internet, you might stumble on a complete honeymoon package that offers the following: castle hotel accommodation, bed and breakfast facility, food, drinks, music, excursion tours, Thames River cruise and the traditional High Tea ceremony. Opting for such kind of package is surely worry-free.

When it comes to attractions, London boasts a number of romantic sceneries that are truly remarkable. While spending some time at the city centre, you can start your tour by setting foot at the famous London Bridge, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and riding at the sky-high London Eye.

The best castles in the world are also found in London. You can spend a day by visiting the marvelous and gigantic castles of Holyrood, Leeds, Warwick, Hampton, Windsor, Edinburgh and Westminster Abbey.

For a delightful shopping experience, visit London’s best shopping venues such as the Harrods store and Oxford Street.

The Heathrow International Airport serves all major airlines for people from around the globe as an entry and exit point to London and its neighboring cities in the United Kingdom. Transportation is not a problem since the city is equipped with buses, taxis and rented vehicles. Spring is the perfect time of the year for you to spend your Honeymoon in London.


What I found in Desert Excursion Dubai last year

As holidays come, we start thinking to have some tours towards the finest and famous places of the world. If you are going with your family or close friends then in my opinion Desert Excursion Dubai is the best choice to have a memorable tour in your vacations.Desert Excursion Dubai

As holidays come, we start thinking to have some tours towards the finest and famous places of the world. If you are going with your family or close friends then in my opinion Desert Excursion Dubai is the best choice to have a memorable tour in your vacations. It is the perfect use of your hard earned money because it will provide you long lasting and fascinating memories. You will never forget the attractions of this tour entire your life. You will tell the stories of your experiences to your close ones which you will have done in your desert excursion Dubai tour.

Something about Dubai

Dubai is the first choice for tourists around the globe because it is a fabulous place. People around the world see dreams to have a nice tour to this land of huge buildings and desert. Dubai is also famous due to its huge buildings but more famous for outdoor desert activities such as desert safari, skiing, camel ride, quad biking and other compelling and enjoyable activities. The people who come here on trip go back to their respective countries with uncountable and long lasting pleasant memories.

What I Experience in Dubai?

Now I share my own experience which I did in my last year during my Dubai tour. I went for 5 day trip. First of all I did some research about the famous things and places in Dubai that could be discovered or visited by a foreign tourist even in a tight schedule. After marking some beautiful places including the Dubai desert, I shortlisted some companies and operators which provide best services in affordable prices in Dubai. I made a proper check list of my luggage and booked my ticket to Dubai.

When I reached there I went to the hotel which I have already booked for 5 days. Then I made a call to the operator who had to arrange the Desert safari for me. I have decided to go for morning desert safari first day. I wanted to enjoy it with full of energy that is why I scheduled it on first day.

The Toyota land cruiser picked me from my hotel and took me to the deep desert. The driver was very professional. I enjoyed desert safari with him a lot. He did dune bashing while ensuring the safety of all passengers. We did not felt any hotness because the vehicle was fully air conditioned and there were no any feelings of hotness there. After enjoying 2 hours of desert safari the vehicle drop me in front of my hotel. I have never experienced such a great experience before. I was very happy. I spend the remaining 4 days visiting other places but the desert excursion was the unforgettable event for me. I always remember it and tell my friends about it.