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Engagement Rings For Weddings and Engagements

Of course there are many good reasons to choose engagement and wedding rings made of expensive metals (such as gold, white gold or palladium). These metals’ alloys are harder and the rings will then keep their shape better. Furthermore the surface will stay nice longer.

However, for many the engagement ring is a temporary ring that is only used daily until the wedding. Some will continue to use it along with the wedding ring, while others gradually limit their use of it.

For them it will be a quite excellent solution to buy Unique engagement rings and wedding rings in diamonds. If you are capable of taking care of your ring (do not perform tough physical work with them), there’s actually no reason not to also choose wedding rings in silver. Moreover, you can go to a jeweler once in a while and get your rings polished to look nice again.

As such, if you have limited funds or if you simply have other priorities engagement rings in silver can be a very good choice, and at Petra Gems our selection of engagement rings in silver is as wide as our selection of engagement rings in gold. There are rings available with diamonds as well as the somewhat cheaper zirconia. Likewise, we have a selection of rings in pure silver and rings in silver decorated with gold. There should be something to suit any taste. Below is a small selection. Click on the images to go to the website and see the full range.

How do I choose?

It can be quite a challenge to choose the right engagement ring, especially if you buy the ring for a marriage proposal so that you are alone with the decision. The good news is that you / you completely decide what the rings should look like. The bad news is that you completely decide.
Because where do you begin when the selection is as big as it is? How to choose between hundreds of rings?

A good strategy might be to divide the selection into smaller groups according to their common traits and examine your attitude to them one point at a time. One can, for example, look at
-With or without stones?

-If with: Should it be a single, simple stone in the middle or a more detailed pattern?

-If with: zirconia or diamond?

-Only silver or gold detailing, for example?

-With heart?

-Round profile?

-Flat profile?

-Oval profile?

-Narrow (3-4 mm) or wide (5-7 mm) rings?

-Glossy surface or rough or matte?

Petra Gems has made it easy for you to search for rings with these particular features, so you can quickly get an idea of the type of rings. If you review the above list and find out what you like best for each point, you eventually come to a pretty specific description of your desired ring, and then the search suddenly becomes a lot easier.
Are you still in doubt you can with most engagement rings in silver choose to receive a sample box before you say yes to the final order. It allows you to view the selected ring close to as well as to measure sizes up on the supplied steel rings.