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Do you know the differences between business coaching and life coaching?

A Business Coach may come to use Coach Life techniques, but the disciplines of a Business Coach and Life Coach are very different from each other. Both seek to get their clients to develop in the chosen areas.

This is where their similarity lies. The ultimate goal of Executive Coaching Melbourne is to achieve that the dreams and personal goals of their clients are fulfilled. On the other hand, the Business Coach works for his client to achieve his professional goals.

Understanding Life Coaching …

The question is: What is Life Coaching? Increasingly, people want to live multidimensional lives. They want successful careers, personal happiness and having hobbies to live a complete life.

On the other hand, we have less time today to meet any of these goals. However, the human mind is not satisfied if it does not get everything. This is where the Coach of Life intervenes. This person will help you to conquer these goals, ranging from a better perspective of life to losing weight, learn to organize your time or personal improvement in any area. The goal is to transform you into a better person according to your goals. Although many of these techniques can be applied in your work, such as dealing with people, or how to organize your time, most of them are oriented towards the personal development of the individual and the global conquest of happiness.

Business Coaching, on the other hand, aims to help the client and his business to achieve better results and greater profits. These objectives include leadership, staff management and management techniques, a better performance base, better strategies for dealing with internal decisions and external competition, as well as better overall performance.

The big differences

Do you know the differences between business coaching and life coaching?

Apart from the most obvious differences, the following characteristics mark a contrast between Business Coaching and Life Coaching.

In case of Business Coaching, the results are not vague, but easy to measure. Life Coaching results are subjective, Coach can continue until the customer is completely satisfied with their level of progress.

Goals are clearly defined in a Business Coaching program. The Coach will understand and specify Coaching objectives and will evaluate the skills and characteristics that the client has to start his / her program. In case of Life Coaching the objectives are broader, as they are personal and subject to change. The Life Coach needs to be very skilled at extracting a more accurate picture of what your client really wants.